The Vibe Tribe

Washington Crossing Inn – Washington Crossing, PA – July 1st, 2012

Thank you and the band soo much for making our wedding reception such a wonderful success ….you enabled us to celebrate our daughter’s marriage and dance the night away…exactly as we had hoped for!!! We couldn’t be happier with celebrating our night with the Vibe Tribe! Our guest continually told us how awesome the band was…..and we have received phone calls all weekend telling us the same thing….the night was the best I could have ever hoped for…and I must give you the credit…people couldn’t wait to get the party started as they listened to you. Thank you so very much….I will be happy to praise you to anyone who is looking to make a decision concerning the entertainment for their party!! Wishing you continued success…..I am very, very happy and grateful. It was a joy to work with you! Nancy McKay

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